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At Greenwood Mennonite Church our Mission is to
Grow in Jesus through worship and teaching the Scripture,
Model Jesus before our families and community, and to
Care for others with loving acts of service.



Greenwood Mennonite Church will continue to develop a Sunday School Program andother ministries, that attempt to meet the needs of all age groups. Teaching will focus onScripture and how to pass on our faith. We believe in encouraging perseverance, byproclaiming hope in the Lord’s coming. In addition, we will structure our services toprovide meaningful worship, encourage the use of spiritual gifts, and utilize many indifferent ministries of the church.


We believe the life of Jesus was a life of sacrifice. So, we are called to model that. Tothat end, we will: stress Christian character that sets an example of walking what wetalk before our children, spouses, and others; and focus on a lifestyle of honesty andintegrity, simplicity, and modesty, obedience and sacrifice, non-resistance andpeacemaking. In addition, we will provide resources to foster and maintain healthyfamilies. Our priority will be living for Jesus first. Therefore, our activities and time-usewill be evaluated in light of this.


We will seek to be a haven for the hurting by helping our congregation develop a heartfor the hurting. Our focus on caring will be to:1) Love the lost, so as to lead them into a living relationship with the Lord;2) Meet immediate and long-term needs in the community3) Serve those with special meeds (as in the disabled);4) Care for people’s spiritual, emotional, and physical needs;5) Visit the lonely and those among us who cannot get out (shut-ins).We will challenge people to go out from our community, sending them into missions andservice vocations.

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